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Claire Milne
Harmony Handwovens
Fairfax, Vermont

Claire Milne of Harmony Handwovens maintains her weaving studio in Fairfax Vermont.  Inspired by a weaving exhibition of an Irishman weaving wool tweed with a flyshuttle at the Irish Pavilion at the World’s Fair in 1965, she finally realized her dream of weaving in 2008 starting with membership in the Vermont Weavers Guild and the purchase of a second hand LeClerc 4 harness loom.  Her current joy is weaving on her 8 harness AVL Floor Loom (with a flyshuttle) and experimenting with different weave structures for Rugs, Scarves, Blankets and Table Linens.  As a spinner she often incorporates her hand woven yarns into her various projects.   

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