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Equipment & Supplies

For all your spinning

and felting needs. 

Our inventory can change from week to week and month to month, depending on what sells and what is being created. If you'd like to learn more about an item, please email, message, or call us.



  • Hand Carders

  • Combs

  • Spinning Wheels (used)

  • Spinning Wheel parts (footman connectors, orifice hooks, bearing sets, springs, etc. 

  • Spools

  • Drop Spindles

  • Supported Spindles

  • Lazy Kate & Tensioned Lazy Kate

  • Swifts

  • Niddy Noddy

  • Ball Winders

  • Yarn Meters


  • Fiber

  • Felting Needles

  • Foam Blocks

  • Pre-felt

  • Cookie Cutters

  • Bamboo Mats

  • Olive Oil Soap

  • Hat Forms

  • Silk Scarves and Nuno-felting Kits

  • Bubble Wrap

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Two Sisters Mill & Mercantile recommends merino roving, a.k.a combed top, for wet felting and nuno work. Combed top is a good choice when making nuno felt due to its longer fiber length (less pilling). Because it has been steamed straight, it doesn’t contain the airiness of batting and this helps some felters control the evenness of their lay-outs. Merino roving is super soft, felts quickly, and has a fantastic smooth finished surface. Spinners, you will appreciate the high quality of this merino as well as our wide selection of colors. If you don’t see a color you’d like to start with here, ask us about ordering it for you.

For needle-felters, we many different fibers in a large variety of colors for finishing. And, we have just found a great local source for core wool so look for that in mid-May when we have it washed and carded for you!

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