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Consignor Information

Thank you for your interest in consigning your work with Two Sisters Mill & Mercantile. We value our consignment program as an important component to our store. We look forward to the opportunity to see your creative work and hope that it can find a place here with us. To help us make a decision that is most appropriate for our store and for you, please read the following information very carefully.

Please note that we are a fiber store that sells fiber art, fiber crafts, and fiber supplies. This means that consignment items of interest to us include those made from fiber animals as well. Occasionally we accept other fabric arts and products such as quilts or crocheted items, but we reserve most of our consignment space to goods that are spun, knitted, felted, and/or woven.

About Our Consignment Program

We are interested in handmade American (preferably Vermont) crafts of high quality craftsmanship and unique design, suitable for display in a dense retail environment. Our terms are 60 (artist) /40 (Two Sisters).

We accept applications on a rolling basis.The two owners of Two Sisters determine which items to sell on consignment based on the following criteria: aesthetics and design, technical competence, originality, presentation, retail potential, suitability to our space limitations, and whether the items are in direct competition with other consignees.

The owners will want to answer all of the following questions with a “yes” in order to accept your work.

  • Quality: Is the work technically proficient and of a high standard of quality?

  • Aesthetic & Expressive Vision: Is it unique? Is the artist’s particular vision or personality apparent? Does it make us say “wow!”?

  • Marketability: Will the work be successful in the context of our sales?

  • Commitment: Does the artist have the resources to be a successful retail exhibitor?


Applications may be submitted at any time. We will consider the availability of space in the store, current representation in your medium, and the marketability of your work in our particular location. We will contact you with a decision as soon as possible after receiving your application.

How To Apply

Send the following four things to us via email at (preferred) or to Two Sisters, P.O. Box 168, Jeffersonville, VT 05464.

  1. The completed application form (click here for this form).

  2. A short biography or an artist statement.

  3. Samples of your work (see below)

If Accepted:

Along with your goods/art, you will be asked to submit an inventory/retail price list (click here for this form).

Any artist cards or business cards provided, attached or otherwise, will be displayed with work accepted alongside a Two Sisters card. All items must be clean, undamaged and ready to display.

Work should be shipped or delivered in person as soon as possible after its acceptance, unless an alternative date has been arranged in written (email) correspondence. Please refer to the pickup of unsold items policy in the contract.


Please be sure that your completed application includes all of the following. Incomplete applications may not be considered.

􀂉 Completed application sheet with all questions addressed in full—to help us understand your

artistic work and process and your commitment to the demands of retail sales

􀂉 Artist statement and/or biography—to help us understand your artistic vision and journey

􀂉 Samples of your work— a selection of 5-10 pieces which will give us a cohesive representation of your work. Please provide actual work not photos, and newer work rather than older especially if there have been changes in style or mastery.

● Please label and present items as if for display and sale—retail price should be clearly marked, hang tags attached, business or item information cards included.

(applications which do not include pricing and are not presented for sale may not be considered)

  • Please include care instructions.

● You may submit more than the required number of pieces, particularly if you have more than one cohesive line of work within the same medium.

  • This is the most important component of your application. Please choose to send us your best.