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Special Orders

Two Sisters Mill and Mercantile is now accepting special orders to help you set your gift and/or event apart from all the others. Whether it's for an individual or for your staff, your wedding, a child's party, or some other special event, contact us for one-of-a-kind hand-crafted gifts.

Scroll through our ideas below or suggest your own! Let us know and we will work with you to see if we can accommodate your idea. The options are endless!

Contact us to discuss your needs. If calling or stopping by, an appointment is strongly recommended so we can give you uninterrupted time. You can also order via email. Please refer to the bottom of this page for helpful information to have ready when you contact us. Availability will depend on scope of request and date needed. We will discuss your project and determine cost. A 50% down-payment on all special orders is requested.

Monica's hats.png

Gifts for Individuals and Groups

Do you have an up-coming event that you would like to show an individual or a group of individuals your appreciation with one-of-a-kind, high-quality handmade gifts? Whether you're looking for one gift or 25, we've got you covered!


Hand-made hats or headbands that can be used for staff and family gifts.

felted soap.jpg

Felted Soaps

Beautifully scented felted soaps can be used for party favors, staff gifts, gifts for members of your wedding party, or maybe just for that special individual. The soaps are hand made here in Jeffersonville Vermont by Nature Inspired Aroma and felted exclusively by Two Sisters. The felt acts as an exfoliant and shrinks along with the soap, keeping the soap from puddling. 


Kiki Cats

A Two Sisters exclusive, Kiki Cats are made from our own sheep's wool, felted by Tamra, and designed and sewn by Monica. "Kiki" was Monica's son's first word for cat, so there's a little extra love that goes into making each one. With every Kiki Cat sporting its own color and facial expression, each is as unique as your cat surely is!

felted hearts.jpg

Hand-felted Decor

Do you have a special party or anniversary that you would like to incorporate one-of-a-kind, keepsake mementos into the decor? Let us felt some for you!


Holiday or event themed garlands to incorporate into your party decorations. These garlands include adorable needle-felted items that are strung into a decorative swag.  You pick the color and type of items (hearts, baby items, holiday items, etc.).

baby sweater.jpg


Do you want to give someone special a hand-knitted sweater in their favorite color? Hand-knitted baby, child or adult sweaters - or a matching set for twins, mother/daughter or father/son. This hand knit sweater is by one of our consignors, Francette Cerulli, Worcester, Vermont.

four ply.jpg

Hand Spun Yarn

Would you like yarn spun especially for you from the Two Sisters' Shetland sheep or other fiber? Single ply or multi-ply? Plain or beaded? We'll see what we can do!

See more photos below.

Order Details

Having the information to the right ready when you contact us will be much appreciated!

* Contact Info (name, phone, email, address)  

* Item(s)

* Quantity

* Details of Item (color, size, etc.) - your questions will be answered and details will be discussed with one of the Two Sisters but having a general idea of what you'd like is helpful! 

*Date needed by

We will give you an estimate of costs, process your deposit, and as the special order progresses, be in contact with you  to keep you apprised of how things are going or if we've run into any surprising developments that require your decision making.

Discuss your order with us by calling 802.881.8997;


or stopping by our shop at 

168 Main St. Jeffersonville, Vermont.



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