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Raw Goods

Our Shetland fiber is from Two Sisters' very own sheep. We also sell Alpaca fiber and Jacob  Sheep wool that are sourced within 10 miles of our location. In addition to these fibers, we carry fiber from other Vermont Farms including Cloverworks Farm, Ash Grove Farm, and Northern Vermont Llama Company. 

Our inventory can change from week to week and month to month, depending on what sells and what is being created. If you'd like to learn more about an item, please email, message, or call us.


Available Roving & Batts

   Shetland Sheep Batts Roving upon request

Charcoal, Grey, Light Grey, White/Beige, White, Moorit

    Jacob Sheep Batts Roving upon request

White, Tweed


    Navajo Churro Roving upon request

White, Fawn, Dark Brown


Roving & Batts Available

White, Beige, Fawn, Dark Fawn, Black


Additional Fibers

Finn (limited amount of batting)

Blue Faced Leicester (limited amount of batting)

Icelandic - moorit and black batting (yet to be carded

but we will card it for you!)

Merino Roving, Silk, and Mixed Fibers

in a variety of colors

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