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Two Sisters

Your Photos

Send us a photo of two sisters and a brief statement (3 or fewer sentences) that tell their story and we’ll post it here!

Two Sisters.jpg

Our great-grandmother, Martha Dugan Feeney (on the right) and her sister, Margaret Dugan Murray

Sisters from Ireland

circa 1922 - Orphaned circa 1929 
Agnes and Mary McIntyre
(eventually Mary Higgins)

Two Sisters, Philadelphia

Agnes and Mary.jpeg
Tara and Lucy.jpeg

Anonymous local babes

Beach Baby Sisters, 1990

Twins Ruby & Tess

Sisters from the Farm

Tess and Ruby.jpg

Koi Boynton & Laurie Cartwright

Boynton Sisters

Alene Rickles and
our sister-in-law Alesa Case

Engebretson Sisters

Alene and Alesa adult.jpg
Higgins sisters.jpg

Fall 2010, a stop on our country extravaganza tour.

Higgins Sisters

In honor of Toni-Lee who has just passed. Our love to you both.

Toni-Lee and Francette

Francette and Toni-Lee.jpg
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