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Tamra Higgins
Jeffersonville, Vermont

Tamra is a relatively new comer to the fiber world. After returning from a trip to Scotland in 2014, she impulsively bought two twin Shetland lambs - Ruby and Tess - and the journey began. She subsequently bought four more to round out the flock: Pan, Merlin, and twins Butterscotch and Bonnie.

From there, Tamra learned to spin yarn from her good friend Nancy on a donated wheel by another good friend, Kathi. She admits that she wasn't a natural spinner at first but persevered through her frustrations and now loves it. This is pretty much the same story with the other fiber crafts she now loves to do: crochet, needle felt, and wet felt. 

While a new comer to fiber, Tamra isn't new to jumping into adventures. She started a children's center a few decades ago, taught in the public schools for 20 years, pursued her MFA in poetry in her 50's, and founded a nonprofit poetry center in 2014.  In 2017, she and her sister created Two Sisters Mill & Mercantile, a place for all things fiber related, and a place where she finally feels settled.

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